Oh. Hi.

Well it’s been a while.  I have been insanely busy.  Our album released, “Before After.”  And I was touring the country all summer playing music.  It’s been pretty awesome!  We have gone to a bunch of places and met so many people who poured into us, and we poured into them.  There is so much to say about tour….I actually was keeping up a seperate blog for Lights Align on “Blogger.”  But for now I guess I’ll just my current life situation.  And it bugs me to do this while NOT sitting in Republic or Qahwah, but whatever.  We might be signing with Madison Line again, as a full blown artist on the label.  For another year.  My sister about pooped her pants, because she is so eager for me to come home.  And I was too.  But some life changes have happened.  I’m really not sure what I should do.  Thus my multiple alone therapy sessions sitting on top of the parking garage at night.  Yesterday that chill time was pleasantly interrupted by some dudes from my school who like to long/skateboard on the roof of the parking garage, hah.  Then today we had meeting #2 with MLR.  And I guess I just feel numb.  I’ve never been good at expressing myself…..with…..words.  As in speaking.  Writing is fine, usually.



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