This next week is gonna be CRAYY.  I have finals and rehearsals and gigs and then starting Friday, 6 days of studio recording for our full length album.  That 6 days will feel like 6 years.  It’s a great time, and so humbling and awesome to be collaborating and recording with some extremely talented peeps, but so very exhausting, and I’m not even doing anything most of the time.  How does that make sense?  Anyways, I am excited.  We have some sweet songs coming together very quickly.  And then, a nice reward of FLYING home and not taking the megabus (Thank you, MOM.)  I’m ready to spend some relaxing weeks in Pennsylvania.  🙂

Current obsessions:

Imagine Dragons.

the color cranberry (tights, hair, lipstick, etc.)

my new Mark Wood Stingray Pro violin.

“Butter Blend” salad mix?  LETTUCE that tastes like BUTTER? I’ve discovered the answer, my friends.  This stuff is magically delicious.

NOT dropping my macbook out of my MOVING CAR.




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