“Streams of living water will flow from deep within the person who believes in me.”  John 7:38

*warning…this post is extremely ADD.

Today was my first performance seminar.  It was a garage band track with some sweet synth/electronic drum loops (Thanks, Josiah!) and tasty electric vilolin “smacking” for percussion. I names the song “Ripple,” because it sort of sounded like drops of water.  It made me think of the above verse.  It went ohhhhhkay.  I’ve been RIDICULOUSLY busy all of Fall “Break”…rehearsing, photoshooting, and recording.  Sometimes 16 hours a day.  I’m sick from lack of sleep.  (And having pizza and candy for dinner.)  Anyways, because of this past week, I have NOT had time to work on my performance seminar piece that was assigned right before break……and therefore wrote the entire thing yesterday, and, yes, today.  The day of the performance.  I know, bad news bears.  (Don’t tell my “guitar” (violin) professor……I hope he doesn’t read this entry;)  

Studio time was exhausting, awesome, stressful, boring, inspiring, and super rad.  I feel like the members of the band (still a secret name) are bonding well and getting collectively PSYCHED.  Our super awesome producer Kirk WERKED it, and I’m really excited about the 2 singles that we finished for our EPK.  


Although I really wanted to be in the “rock” band, I really am excited about this worship band.  We want to be different…..having a unique sound (which we’re already well on our way to.)  And I think we all work well together.  I can’t wait for this summer!!  I’m getting ridiculously excited.


I’m currently sitting at Republic Coffee, sipping a pumpkin pie iced latte, and about to flip through the violin shifting book I just bought at the music store across the street, and listening to the chatter of some creative minds in Memphis.  I feel like this coffee place is where all the artsy hipsters go.  (Perfect, I know.)  There’s some ladies chatting about graphic design a couple booths over.  (JAMIE, I wish you were here.  Perhaps I will see you THIS WEEKEND???? Going home(ish) to play violin at the wedding of my dear friends, Mike Degruttola and Crystal Halle.  


One last tidbit…..My film came in the mail today!! I am now the owner of a Diana F+ camera (got it for twenty bucks, normally $65) and it’s loaded and ready to shoot with some sick 120mm lomography film.


Okay, that’s all 🙂  Have a lovely Tuesday.


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