Busy Bee

This week has been insanity and it’s only Wednesday.  The band (whose name I am not allowed to spill yet…) has been rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing.  All day Monday and Tuesday, with a break for some campfire/cookout goodness, and then today we had a photo shoot basically all day.  Tomorrow is another full day of rehearsing before Friday, Saturday and Sunday:  STUDIO DAYS.  Allllllll day, 8AM to maybe 2AM.  Recording, recording, recording.  Then soon after we will have a completed EPK for Menno, our super awesome booking agent, to send out and land us sweet gigs with.  (Creation?  Creation?  CREATION???? Hopefully…..I’ve only bothered him about it, like, 6 times.)  So basically, some exciting stuff!!!  Oh, and today I officially signed with my first ever record label!!


I’m pushing for some of my best friends to help out with our press package stuff…..Joyce Durfee Photography and Jamie Durfee Designs.  PUMPED.  Those ladies can make a heck of a picture/logo.


I can’t wait until I can announce the band name….but that will have to be another day so I don’t get in trouble!



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