I feel like I psych myself out far too much.  I get nervous about getting inspired.  I get nervous over stupid things.  Like having inspiration hit when I don’t have a piano/guitar/violin, or sitting down and getting ready to write something awesome, but then not feeling inspired.  The pressure to create something fantastic can choke out your ideas if you are afraid they’re not good enough.  I have a performance seminar coming up the week after break, and I will be playing a piece that I have yet to write.  Mike, my “guitar” instructor (violin), told us about the assignment today.  I want to make something really awesome.  I think I just need to focus on my creative process, and find a method that works really well.  So far the worry-about-it-have-a-snack-take-a-nap-then-do-it approach hasn’t yielded much of a positive outcome.  


It doesn’t help that next week is the week that the band will be kicking into gear with all day rehearsals, shopping, and photo-shoots.  On the bright side, on my days off, I will have peace and quiet because everyone is going home for Fall break except this girl.  Nothing like a lonesome day of forcing myself to work to bring the creativity out of me.  🙂


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