The Exciting News……..

Alright.  A while back I said that I MAY have some exciting news, but I didn’t yet want to say what it may be…. but now I can say!  Last week I auditioned for a spot in a band at Visible Music College…..and I found out yesterday that I was selected as one of the members!  We will be signing with Madison Line Records for a development deal.  Basically, it is going to be a year contract to give us experience recording an album and touring all over the US!   We have a meeting Friday, and will soon be deciding on a name, and going over contract details.  Then this semester we begin recording for a full length album!  I’m beyond excited for this opportunity, and for touring next summer!  I’m hoping that we will go to some of the many Christian music festivals like Alive, Cornerstone, Creation, Icthus, etc. etc.

It’s been a kid-like dream of mine to tour for the past 3 years, and in just a few short weeks, I’ll be able to say that I am a signed musician………which is a little mind-boggling.  It is a very small label, and it iS only a development deal, but I am extremely excited.  Counting down the days until next summer.  This is going to be such an exciting ADVENTURE and I will be sharing every minute of it on here.


Nicki   By the way, loving this song.


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